So busy selling my new invention I have zero open time for the Month of December. 

You buy a new table and it has chipped slate?

That's because they used the wrong method and didn't use my Patented Invention Otlvise.. SEE BELOW 

You accept dents in your NEW CAR RIGHT?

Tables for sale

OTLB tables all come with a complete compliment of professional accessories.    

We even have our own cues made and labeled.  All cues are two piece.  We sell only Belgium made balls.

Tables are all 9ft in size or noted otherwise: 

Brunswick Balke Collender = BBC

Need an antique cue rack, ball box, unique items ...   email us!

Oliver Briggs BBC 9ft Billiard\Carom Narrangansett

Brunswick Gold Crown 1 in Black

Table Inventory changes so please email OTLB for whats on hand.  If your looking for a used table please email us as we have some great deals!