So busy selling my new invention I have zero open time for the Month of December. 

You buy a new table and it has chipped slate?

That's because they used the wrong method and didn't use my Patented Invention Otlvise.. SEE BELOW 

You accept dents in your NEW CAR RIGHT?


Here is a great example of an old Brunswick Balke Collender pool table (Model called"THE YORK").  Rotting away in a basement and brought back to life by OTLB>  At this time its worth mentioning that NOT all models are worth restoring. Please consult us OTLB or another Billiard professional before wasting any of your money.


Painted Brown(YIKES)   Look at the awesome grain of the old wood.  This table is a Wagner and Adler

These are more tables restored by OTLB

Getting bored, Ok one more before and after